Hepco & Becker Aluminum Topcase

WHY?  Carrying stuff.  Just about every time I'm astraddle a motorcycle I find that I need a place to carry stuff.  When I rode cruisers I used leather saddlebags; the DL1000 in my garage now sports a Givi Maxia topcase.  When I purchased this Wee-Strom it had the storage solution already in place--a Hepco & Becker aluminum topcase with a 35-litre capacity.  I've never owned a Hepco & Becker case, but this German-made product has a reputation for top quality.  You can find it at many dealers, but the largest U.S. distributor seems to be the good folks at Twisted Throttle.  Expect to pay a little over $400 for the box and the mounting brackets.

INSTALLATION. Though I didn't do this installation, it didn't look too difficult and could probably be accomplished by the average home mechanic.  The mounting brackets bolt to the stock luggage rack and the topbox simply slips into place.

RESULTS. Pretty nice.  This box is rock-solid and is very well constructed.  The lid hinges easily and seals well against the elements.  Since the box is shaped like a cube, all the storage space is accessible and usable; a full-face helmet fits with room to spare.  The unit can be removed from the mounting brackets in seconds and is very simple to re-attach.  One feature that I really like is that I can latch the box without locking it--ideal for short trips.  Its appearance is controversial; people either like it or hate it, as it is blocky-looking and doesn't it well with the overall lines of the bike.

Worth the money? Probably not for most folks.  $400+ will buy an awful lot of soft-sided motorcycle luggage, stuff that looks better and holds more stuff.