Pat Walsh Skidplate/Crashbar

WHY? Take a look at the underside of your new DL650 and you have to be just a bit nervous at the sight of the oil filter exposed on the lower front of the engine.  It didn't take the aftermarket designers long to come up with fixes for the problem, though, and several skidplates are available.  When I purchased my DL650 it had a combination skidplate/crash bar from Pat Walsh Designs.  This particular unit is available from the manufacturer and costs around $250.


INSTALLATION. Although I didn't install this addition it looks like a pretty easy job--it simply bolts into the place via stock mounting points and all hardware is included.  The average home mechanic should be able to do the job in under an hour.

RESULTS. Depends on your expectations.  Though we refer to these bars as "crash bars," they'll be no protection for you in case of a crash.  They do offer some protection for the tupperware in case of a tip-over, but don't expect any more of them.  The skid plate does, however, provide much-needed protection for the bottom side of the engine.  This particular unit is nice in that it has openings cut in the bottom plate to allow you to access/drain your oil without removing it.  If you have reasonable expectations for this accessory it should function quite well for you.  While it looks to be well-constructed, it does look somewhat home-made; there are better-looking units available from other manufacturers, in my opinion.

Worth the money? Probably so.  It's not cheap, but it is less expensive than replacing the parts it protects.