Sargent World Sport Seat

WHY?  One of the first changes made by many motorcycle owners is the seat; most stock saddles work well enough for short trips but don't hold up well for long rides.  Picking a comfortable saddle is a very subjective process, and one owner's favorite might not work at all for another rider.  I was surprised to find that the DL650's stock seat worked fairly well for me, but it did produce the dreaded butt-burn after a couple of hours in the saddle.  Not being one to leave well enough alone, I decided to explore other options; though I've had excellent results with Corbin saddles in the past I decided to try the World Sport Seat by Sargent on the Wee-Strom.  It is available with a number of custom options, but I opted for the seat in basic black with black welt and trim; I placed the order for the seat on the Sargent web site and paid by credit card--$379.95 plus shipping.

SERVICE.  Pretty good.  I received an email confirmation immediately after ordering.  A shipping notification (with UPS tracking number) came a week later and the seat arrived at my door four days after that.  It was packed well and undamaged.

INSTALLATION. If you can't remove and replace the seat you shouldn't own a motorcycle.  Any more questions? 

RESULTS. Great!  The seat slipped into place very easily and snapped into position just like the stock unit.  A quick test ride showed the Sargent seat to be slightly higher that stock; the company's web site lists its height as 33 inches as compared to 32.3 inches for the stocker.  This called for a slight elevation of my windshield (easy because of the MadStad bracket).  One aspect of the higher seat that I really like is that it stretches my legs a bit when I'm in the saddle; the low Wee-Strom seat cramped my legs a little, and the Sargent seat allows me to stretch some.  Because of the configuration of its front section, however, the Sargent's ground reach is similar to the factory setup and I can still stand flat-footed when stopped at a light.  The rider's seating area is a full 1.5 inches wider than stock, while the passenger seating area is one inch wider than the original.  As stated above, seat comfort is a very subjective thing; I found this one to be exceedingly comfortable.  I can now ride for several hours with no sign of butt-burn, and the rider's area of the saddle is long and flat enough to allow quite a bit of position shifting. 

Worth the money? Yes.  This is not a cheap addition, and the Suzuki gel seat at half the price might well be a better choice for some owners.  Nonetheless, the comfort of the Sargent seat make it a nice addition to my Wee-Strom.