MadStad Adjustable Windshield Mount

WHY?   V-Strom owners are a diverse lot, and tailor their bikes to their own personal tastes.  One thing that just about all of us agree on is the fact that the stock windshield is worthless.  Ride a stock V-Strom away from the dealership and head for the highway; you'll feel like someone is riding behind you while repeatedly slapping the sides of your helmet.  Wind noise is deafening and the amount of head buffeting is intolerable.  While hanging out on the Stromtrooper Forum I heard many great things about an adjustable windshield mount from MadStad Engineering so I decided to check it out.  The bracket looked good and the reviews were great so I placed an order online and paid via Paypal--$64.95 plus shipping.

SERVICE. Excellent.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation; I received a shipping notification and tracking number the next day, and the shipment arrived at my door via DHL six days after placing the order.  The brackets were packed very well and arrived with all hardware and instructions included; it looked to be very well made, lightweight but sturdy.  Edges were finished nicely and the black finish was flawless.

INSTALLATION. Installation of this bracket can be done by the average home mechanic with only a screwdriver and the allen wrench included in the package.  The process took me less than 15 minutes.  The instructions were well illustrated and easy to understand.  Here's what the installed mount looked like before adding the windscreen:

RESULTS.  Incredible.  Since I'm using this mount with a taller Givi shield I installed it on the lowest setting; from any point the MadStad bracket provides an impressive range of adjustment, both vertically and fore-and-aft.  Finding the optimal windshield position is largely a matter of trial and error, but adjustments are quick and easy.  After just a couple of trial runs I was able to find a setting that allowed me to look just over the top of the shield but deflected the wind blast over the top of my helmet.  Head buffeting was completely eliminated, and wind noise was decreased significantly.

WORTH THE MONEY? Absolutely.  An ingenious design that produces superior results--if this part were sold by Harley-Davidson it would cost $200.  At a mere $65 this is some of the best money I've ever spent on a motor vehicle.  No V-Strom should be without one!