Givi Windscreen

WHY? V-Strom owners are a diverse lot, and tailor their bikes to their own personal tastes.  One thing that just about all of us agree on is the fact that the stock windshield is worthless.  Ride a stock V-Strom away from the dealership and head for the highway; you'll feel like someone is riding behind you while repeatedly slapping the sides of your helmet.  Wind noise is deafening and the amount of head buffeting is intolerable.  I solved the problem on my DL1000 by going to a Cee Bailey tall windscreen; it looks odd, but it makes the big 'Strom a completely different bike on the highway.  Head buffeting is completely eliminated, and wind noise is greatly reduced.  When I purchased the DL650 it came with a Givi windscreen installed; they are available at many aftermarket vendors for around $100.


INSTALLATION. Although I didn't install this windshield it looks like a pretty easy job--it simply bolts into the place of the stock unit.  It should be no more that a 10-minute job.

RESULTS. Nice.  Wind noise is greatly reduced, and head buffeting is completely eliminated.  This screen allows more wind around the sides and onto the body than does the Cee Bailey unit on my DL1000, but the Givi is much more narrow and looks better on the bike.

Worth the money? Absolutely.  Buy one when you pay for the bike, and insist that the dealer install it before you leave the lot.  Best $100 you could spend on your new 'Strom.