Fenda Extenda

WHY? Suzuki stopped about 4 inches short when they designed the front fender for the V-Strom; it looks great, but it allows the front tire to throw all sorts of debris into the front cowl area of the bike.  I was also concerned about rocks getting into the oil cooler.  I had owned the bike for just a few days when I noticed the mess that was forming on the lower cowl, and riding in wet conditions always meant a major cleanup job.  I had the Fenda Extenda installed on other bikes in the past and knew that it would be just the ticket for solving my problem.  You can find the item several places online, but I found a very reasonable price at California Sport Touring, and I decided to give them a try.  Their website was clean, well-organized, and easy to search and navigate.  I placed the order online--the cost was $28.98 plus shipping.

SERVICE. Excellent.  I received an email confirmation after placing the order, and the shipment arrived at my door in about 5 days!  That's pretty good delivery time from California to Texas. 

INSTALLATION. Not too difficult, and could probably be accomplished by the average home mechanic.  All parts and hardware were included, as was a set of illustrated instructions.  There is not much to this product; it is a simple piece of black ABS plastic molded to fit inside the stock fender.  It was designed to be installed with double-stick tape and anchored with self-tapping screws, but I didn't think that I would like the looks of the exposed screw so I elected to use another method.  I took a few minutes to strip off the white manufacturer's decal and remove the double-stick tape, then I used some fine-grit sandpaper to rough up the area of the extender that was to come in contact with the fender.  I cleaned the inside of the fender (not an easy job--minimal clearance) and roughed it up with the sandpaper.  I applied a liberal coat of ABS cement to both surfaces and slid the extender into place.  Since there isn't much room to fit a hand, I wedged a shop towel between the extender and the front tire to hold it firmly in place.  The ABS cement sets up very quickly, and dries completely in a few hours.  The Fenda Extenda was attached securely, with the whole process taking me about 20 minutes.

RESULTS. It works as advertised, and it didn't take me long to test it out.  My first ride took me through a short rain shower and when I returned home I found the the underside of the bike was pretty messy, but sans the buildup of grime in the lower cowl area that I used to experience.  Appearance is a matter of taste, but the Extenda is not too noticeable from any angle.  The flat black color does match well with the other trim areas on the bike.

Worth the money? Absolutely.  This farkle is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and saves lots of work when it comes time to clean up the bike.  In addition, it protects from stones and road debris.  Looks like a bargain to me!