Grip Puppies

WHY?  Comfort.  I have large hands and suffer from arthritis in the left one.  The stock grips are just too hard and too small for me to use comfortably for long distances. I spotted the California Sport Touring site and noticed that they had a grip cover that looked like it just might provide some padding as well as a larger diameter. At $7.50 per set I didn't mind taking a chance, so I placed my order online.

SERVICE. Excellent.  As the package was a small one, it was shipped via U.S. Mail and I received it in five days.  The grip covers were packaged well and arrived undamaged.  They are made of heavy-duty black foam and have radiused ends.  The quality of this item looks to be first-rate.

INSTALLATION. Not difficult at all--I had the covers in place in about 5 minutes by removing the bar end weights and sliding the covers over the stock grips.  They are a tight fit, but I used some soapy water and they slid into place easily.  After the water dried, the covers fit so snugly that they felt like part of the original grips. 

RESULTS. Fantastic!  My grips are now larger, easier for me to hold, and are a little softer.  They make a tremendous difference for my sore old hands and were much more comfortable to grip.  As an added bonus they soak up quite a bit of vibration.  I was also pleasantly surprised at the appearance of this item--they actually look pretty good!

Worth the money? Absolutely. Dollar for dollar, this might be the best modification I have ever made to a bike.  Money well spent!