Fastway Evo II F3 Footpegs

WHY? Ergonomics--setting the bike up to fit the rider.  Though my V-Strom fits me well, on long rides I sometimes find myself wishing that the footpegs were placed just a bit lower.  I knew that lowering them more than an inch or so would require adjustment/relocation of the shift lever and rear brake pedal, but I figured that even a small adjustment would help.  A BMW-riding friend has Fastway Evo II F3 footpegs on his bike and I really like the looks of them; when I discovered that the very same pegs fit my V-Strom I decided to take the plunge and buy a pair.  I was delighted to discover that they were available through one of my very favorite vendors and I logged on with Adventure Motostuff, placed the order and paid via credit card on their secure page.  $123 plus shipping.

SERVICE. First-rate, as usual.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation; I received a shipping notification a couple of days later and the pegs arrived at my door six days after placing my order.  It has been my experience that I can often find lower prices and quicker delivery times than I get from the Amotostuff folks but it's darned hard to find better customer service.  They're not a large outfit, but they ride the same bikes that I do and they'll work hard to satisfy their customers; that's worth a lot to me.

INSTALLATION. The installation instructions were very clear and well-illustrated and the average home mechanic should be able to manage this installation without trouble; working carefully and following the instructions it took me a little less than an hour to get everything buttoned up.  The inserts provided with the pegs were just a bit too long to fit into the mounting brackets and I had to use a bench grinder to shorten them a bit; I hear the same complaint from other owners also.  Not a major problem, but irritating.  The pegs come with two different size traction pins, and the instructions give you some hints for setting them up for maximum comfort.  Some owners may need to experiment with different pin configurations to get the best fit:

RESULTS. Really nice; I'm very impressed with the quality and construction of these pegs;  they're beautifully made and well thought-out.  By following the instructions you can mount the pegs so that they are at stock height or, if desired, approximately 3/4" lower and set back slightly.  I also used the lower traction pegs to allow myself the maximum leg stretch.  As I stepped on the pegs to climb aboard I immediately noticed a couple of improvements over the stock pegs:  first, the wider peg with its flat top and traction pegs gave me more sure footing as I placed my weight on it.  The second improvement was the one I'd anticipated--the lower pegs did give me a small but noticeable stretch in my legs.  To test the new pegs I rode for an extended stretch while standing on them; the broad pegs were rock-stable and should be really nice on my infrequent trips off-road.  Since I was replacing the rubber-mounted stock pegs with metal ones I was concerned about vibration but was pleasantly surprised that I detected no difference.  I always wear boots when riding, so they might be absorbing any extra vibes, but at any rate I felt no buzzing coming through the pegs.

Worth the money? It's a mixed bag.  I like these pegs, they're well-constructed, they function well and they looks nice on the bike.  They are expensive, though, and for that reason I definitely wouldn't classify them as must-have items for a V-Strom owner.