Classic Quadgear Soft Windshield

WHY?   Protection.  The climate in my area is warm enough that I don't have much use for a full cab enclosure, but it's nice to keep the wind and rain out of my face when it's chilly outside.  A clear vinyl windshield seemed like a good option for me and I like the looks and design of the Classic Quadgear unit, so I decided to check it out.  It's available at many online resellers and I decided to order from  I placed the order online; about $40 plus shipping.

SERVICE. Pretty good.  After ordering I received a confirmation via email and I received a shipping notice the next day; the windshield was shipped direct from the factory and arrived via U.P.S. in another 4 days.  It was packed in the original factory box and I was impressed with its quality.  The screen itself is heavy-duty vinyl with heavy canvas edges and metal rod reinforcements.  Strong, well-reinforced tabs on each corner attach with velcro to secure the shield to the roll bars.

INSTALLATION. Simplicity itself; if you can't install this unit you have no business operating a motorized vehicle.  No tools are required; simple attach the screen to the bars of the roll cage then tighten each corner until it is in the desired location. Two minutes, tops.

RESULTS.  Good, but with a warning.  If you want something to keep the cold wind or rain out of your face this works well. It is easy to install and easy to remove (which you'll have to do if you want to open the front compartment).  I'm amazed at its toughness, as it's gone through some rough brush without scratching.  I've owned this piece for several months now and it's held up very well and still looks like new after it's cleaned.  It does create its own set of problems, though; it sets up a vacuum or vortex in the cab that sucks in dust and small road debris.  Traveling at speed on a dusty road can create such a dust storm in the cab that it can interfere with your driving, and the entire cab will be covered in dust in just a few minutes.  For most of my driving I leave the shield off will strap it into place only when the weather is very cold or very wet.

Worth the money? A qualified "yes."  I'm amazed at how well it has held up and how well it functions.  It's very useful on very cold or wet mornings, but on most trips you're better off without it.