Viper 3000# Winch Kit

WHY?   Utility.  I'm not apt to get stuck in this machine as I'm never in terribly difficult terrain, but it's been my experience that a winch has many, many uses around a ranch.  I'd heard some pretty good reports about the Viper winch kits being offered by eBay resellers and decided to take a chance on one.  The price looked very reasonable at $139 plus $32 shipping, so I placed the order and paid via Paypal.

SERVICE. Excellent.  After paying for the kit  I received a receipt immediately from the seller.  I received a shipping notification within 48 hours, and the kit arrived at my door via UPS ground four days later. That's excellent service by anyone's standards.  The kit was boxed nicely and included the winch, cable, roller fairlead, mounting bracket, wiring block and wired remote, all mounting hardware, and several pages of well-illustrated instructions.

INSTALLATION. Not difficult at all for the average mechanic with a set of metric and SAE tools.  Working carefully and following the directions exactly I took about 2 hours minutes to complete the task; over half that time was spent in wiring the unit.  The instructions included with the kit were pretty clear, but you'll need to decide for yourself on the best way to route the controls and wiring.  I placed the electric control block on the back of the firewall not far from the battery box; that seemed to be the best protected from the elements.  I wired the remote control into the glove box; it is protected and out of the way until I want to use the unit.  When I'm ready to winch I bring out the control (it's on several feet of lead) and press the switch.

RESULTS.  Great.  I've had several opportunities to use the winch and it really comes in handy.  I killed a large boar hog and it ran into some thick underbrush to die.  Rather than ruining my back trying to drag it out I simply drove the mule to within 20', pulled the cable into the brush and snagged it to the boar.  A simple push of a button and the 200# porker was dragged right up to the Rhino.  I don't know how long the unit will hold up, but so far it looks like a real bargain.

WORTH THE MONEY?  It definitely was for me.  This is the type of add-on that you don't use every time out but one that pays for itself when you really need it.  One of my favorite additions, and money well spent!