Benz Silent Rider Exhaust Silencer

WHY?   Racket.  Even in stock form, the Rhino is a pretty noisy vehicle.  Much of the sound comes into the cockpit from the engine bay, but the exhaust is also a bit rowdier than others.  I didn't think much about it until a friend from a neighboring ranch stopped by on his Polaris Ranger; I couldn't help but notice how quiet his machine was when compared to the Rhino.  Though this machine is used primarily for work around the ranch, it also pulls duty as my hunting vehicle.  No ATV--even the Bad Boy Buggy--is quiet enough to sneak up on wildlife, but I would don't like announcing my presence to every critter on the ranch when I drive to the hunting stand.  I've read good things about the Benz Silent Rider ATV Silencer, so I decided to give it a try.  These units are sold by many aftermarket suppliers, but it's hard to find them discounted below the recommended retail of $159.95.  I decided on an eBay seller called Pjack's Powersports Accessories because they had a good reputation and their shipping was reasonably priced.  The silencer can be used with a weld-on adaptor (included) or an optional adapter ($22.95) that bolts on in place of the factory muffler end cap.  I opted for the bolt-on adapter and bought both on eBay and paid via Paypal.

SERVICE. Fantastic.  Though I purchased the silencer and adapter kit separately, Pjack's contacted me immediately and refunded part of the shipping cost since I purchased the two items together.  I received a shipping confirmation two days later, complete with a UPS tracking number; the package arrived at my door via UPS ground four days later. That's excellent service by anyone's standards.  The silencer and adapter arrived in the original factory packaging and included all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.  All parts were finished attractively and looked to be well constructed.

INSTALLATION. Not difficult at all for the average mechanic with a set of metric tools and a drill and 1/4" bit.  Working carefully and following the directions exactly I took about 20 minutes to complete the task; the instructions included with the kit were pretty clear, but were not really necessary.  As add-ons go, this is a very simple installation.

RESULTS.  Great.  You'll be disappointed if you expect this silencer to relieve the roar in your ears while driving your Rhino; almost all of that racket is coming from the engine compartment.  Bystanders, however, will notice the sound reduction immediately.  This silencer won't render your Rhino whisper-quiet, but it's certainly an improvement over the stock exhaust.  I've obviously done no dyno tests, but the seat-of-the-pants dyno tells me that there has been no reduction in performance.

WORTH THE MONEY?  It definitely was for me.  This add-on is not terribly expensive, but it works as advertised and makes the exhaust note much quieter.  Money well spent!