Reverendbiker's Yamaha Rhino 660

This page is dedicated to my 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660.  I needed a work vehicle for my small ranch in Central Texas; it had to be small enough to navigate some tight trails and needed four-wheel drive to climb some steep, rocky hills.  I wanted a vehicle with the ability to haul tools and feed and the ability to pull a small utility trailer if necessary.  I also wanted it to be as rock-solid reliable as possible.  The Rhino 660 4X4 in the picture seemed to be the best fit for my needs.  There is a large and growing aftermarket for modifications for this popular utility vehicle, so I will be making performance and cosmetic upgrades and will document them on a modifications page. You may browse through the collection of photographs of my UTV by clicking on the Gallery button. For further information, check out a few of the Links I've included. Please e-Mail me if you have comments or need information!