Seizmik Hood Rack

WHY?   Toting stuff.  This Rhino is used for working on my small ranch in Central Texas, and I can always use some extra rack space.  I was interested in adding a front rack to my Rhino but figured that I would be unable to open the front compartment.  I was interested to discover a rack by Seizmik that pivots forward to allow access to the compartment.  After investigating the features of this rack I did some shopping to find the best deal.  The retail price for this unit is $189, but it can be found at a discount at a number of online outlets.  Shipping costs can be high on this large item, so I was careful to compare prices including freight.  I found my best deal from an eBay reseller called Wilzgarage.  I bought the rack for $203 shipped and paid via Paypal.

SERVICE. Excellent.  I received a confirmation email immediately after ordering; the rack was apparently in stock, as I received a shipping confirmation just a couple of days later.  The box arrived at my door within a five days of placing the order--e4xcellent service for any online vendor.  It arrived in the original factory packaging, with all hardware and instructions included.  The  box wasn't packed well, however, and a long metal rod had poked its way through one end,  The rod wasn't badly damaged, but was scratched up.

INSTALLATION. Easily done by the average home mechanic with a set of metric hand tools.  The instructions weren't too clear but were good enough to provide some guidance.  Like any other project that requires alignment the key to this one is to get everything in place before tightening any of the bolts.  The process was pretty simple, however, and I had the rack completely installed in about 30 minutes.

RESULTS.  Works like a charm.  I was concerned about the fact that the rack needs to be moved out of the way to open the hood compartment, but my fears were unfounded.  The whole assembly can be moved in a minute or so and doesn't require any tools top do the job.  The rack is very large and is rated to hold 200 pounds; I've loaded it with four 50-pound sacks of feed and it carried the load without breaking a sweat.  I really like the looks of this unit, but I suppose that's a matter of taste. 

WORTH THE MONEY? It was for me, as I needed the extra carrying capacity.  This rack is highly functional and looks nice too; I consider it money well spent.