Cycle Country Gun Rack

WHY?   This Rhino is used for working on my small ranch in Central Texas, and one of the tools of the trade is a ranch rifle to take care of varmints like coyotes and feral hogs.  Though I'd really like to have the rifle close at hand I didn't want to sacrifice room in the cab so I opted for a rack that mounts behind the headrests.  I like the looks of the unit by Cycle Country so I went shopping online.  I found a good price at Phat Performance Parts and placed the order.  Just about $100, with free shipping.

SERVICE. Pretty good.  I received a confirmation email immediately after ordering.  The rack was apparently in stock, as I received a shipping confirmation with a tracking number a couple of days later.  The package arrived at my door within a week of placing the order--not bad service considering it had to travel half-way across the country.  It arrived in the original factory packaging, with all hardware and instructions included.  This is a high-quality piece--heavy-gauge metal with an attractive finish.  This rack is built to fit several different UTV's and came with a number of pieces of hardware that weren't necessary for this application.  Luckily the instructions were clear and model-specific.

INSTALLATION. Easily done by the average home mechanic.  The rack came with hardware for mounting on several different UTV models; it included a pair of 1.75" U-bolts to connect it to the headrest support bars.  Installation took only about 10 minutes.  The kit included a neat little cargo light and toggle switch that I elected not to install; I may use it at a later time for the passenger area.

RESULTS.  Works like a charm.  The rack can secure two rifles in the finned rubber grips and holds them securely in place even during rough riding.  Here's a shot of the new rack with the trusty ranch rifle clamped firmly in place:

WORTH THE MONEY? Absolutely.  There are cheaper racks available, but I'm impressed by the design and quality of construction of this unit.