Maier Fender Flares

WHY?   Mud.  This Rhino is used for work around my ranch, which has very rocky soil; there isn't much mud to deal with, even in very wet weather.  After having my dealer perform the work on the recent safety recall (wheel spacers) I noticed that when I did encounter some mud, the tires sprayed it around pretty liberally.  It was a mystery to me until I realized that the Rhino's now-wider stance positioned the tires outboard of the fenders.  I knew that both Yamaha and several aftermarket manufacturers were producing add-on fender flares, so I decided to look at them.  After doing some research I settled on the flares produced by Maier; some shopping turned up the best price from an eBay seller called Allsport Performance.  The price was $169 plus $8 shipping.

SERVICE. Excellent.  I received email immediately after paying via Paypal, and the flares were shipped within 2 days; they showed up on my doorstep within a week of the sale.  They arrived in the original factory packaging, with all parts and instructions.  There wasn't much to the flares--just formed, textured black plastic, but they were well-made with straight edges and no obvious flaws.

INSTALLATION. Very simple; this one should be easy for any owner with average mechanical abilities.  The only tools required are a power drill and bit, screwdriver and wrench.  Working alone, the entire job took me less than 30  minutes.

RESULTS.  Good, but not outstanding.  The flares added enough width that the amount of mud thrown into the air was definitely reduced.  The problem wasn't completely eliminated, but it's probably because I'm running tires that are slightly oversized.  My best guess is that the stock tires would be less of a problem.  Would these flares eliminate the mud shower?  Probably not, but it would be greatly reduced.

Close-up of Rear Fender

Close-up of Front Fender

Worth the money?
A qualified "yes."  These flares are well-made and function fairly well.  It still galls me that $10 worth of plastic can have a list price of almost $200.  I know that Maier has some R&D in this product, but give us a break...