MFS Dipstick Tube Extension

WHY?   Convenience.  I don't know what the Yamaha engineers were thinking when they made it so difficult to check the engine oil.  My father, who owned a garage, once said "The fool who designed this vehicle never had to service it."  While perusing the board I noticed a post from a Rhino owner who had come with a really handy idea--a screw-in extension for the Rhino's dipstick tube that is much easier to access.  He was selling this gizmo on his own web site (MFS Performance Products) so I logged on and checked it out.  The extension looked good and I heard nothing but rave reviews from other owners; forum members were offered a small discount (since discontinued) so I placed an order and paid via Paypal--the retail price was $85 plus shipping.

SERVICE. Terrific. I  received an email confirmation immediately after ordering and had a shipping notification with tracking number within 48 hours.  The box arrived at my door via UPS ground three days later. That's excellent service by anyone's standards--kudos to MFS for internet shopping the way it should be done!  The unit was packaged well and arrived with installation instructions.  The tube was beautifully manufactured, with a flawless finish (see pic above).  I was impressed!

INSTALLATION. If you can't install this mod you have no business owning a Rhino; it installs in a couple of minutes using only a basic set of metric wrenches.  The installation instructions call for lubing a couple of O-rings and the rest of the process is simply a matter of removing the stock dipstick, screwing in the extension tube and removing and replacing one bolt for the supplied brace.  Here's a pic of the stock dipstick location:

Here's a look at the new dipstick tube extension installed:

RESULTS.  Perfect.  As simple as this extension is, it makes checking your engine oil level much easier.  Makes me wonder why Yamaha didn't just build it like this in the first place!

WORTH THE MONEY?  Depends.  $85 is lots of cash to spend for an item like this, but it is beautifully made and works well.  It's such a great idea, though, that I have to think that someone will knock it off and make a cheaper plastic replica.  I really like it, however, and consider my money well spent.