Hunterworks Tri-Fire Plus CDI

WHY?   Performance.  Changing the Capacitive Discharge Ignition controller on the Rhino can affect many aspects of its performance.  Most aftermarket CDI's have the capability of removing the stock speed limiter, the stock rev limiter, and the reverse gear RPM limiter.  They will often advance the engine timing curve and deliver a hotter spark.  I wasn't particularly in removing the stock speed limiter, but I did want to remove the reverse gear limiter and I hoped the hotter tri-fire spark would cure some of the Rhino's well-documented cold-starting problems.  Many different aftermarket CDI's are available, but after much investigation I decided that the Hunterworks Tri-Fire Plus unit.  I've heard many great reports about the product, and owners report excellent customer service from the company.  When I discovered a recent price reduction was being offered I was hooked; I logger on to the Hunterworks site and placed my order--$178 plus shipping.

SERVICE. Fantastic. After paying for the CDI  I received a receipt immediately from the seller.  I received a shipping notification within 48 hours, and the kit arrived at my door via UPS ground three days later. That's excellent service by anyone's standards--kudos to Hunterworks for internet shopping the way it should be done!  The unit was boxed nicely and included complete installation instructions.

INSTALLATION. Piece of cake.  Even a novice mechanic should be able to accomplish this one, and it requires only a single wrench unless you want to drill a hole to mount the valet switch.  The job only took me about five minutes.  The stock CDI is located in fender side of the battery box:

To remove the stock CDI simply remove the bolt holding it in place and disconnect three electrical connectors; installation of the Tri-fire unit simply reverses the process.  Once in place it looks like this:

RESULTS.  Great.  The biggest change is in the way the Rhino starts--it really helps cure those slow starts on cold mornings.  The speed limiter is also removed; I haven't tried a top-speed run and probably never will, but the machine will definitely shoot past the 40MPH mark.  I'm not particularly fond of the fact that it requires a foot on the brake before starting (even in neutral) but I suppose that it's a safety feature and one I'm already gotten accustomed to.  All things considered this was a very nice upgrade.

WORTH THE MONEY?  Absolutely.  I'd buy this thing if for no other reason that it helps cure the cold start problems, but the other features are nice too.  The new CDI provides lots of benefits for the money.  This would be one of the first things I'd place on a Rhino owner's "must-have" list.