Silver Horse Racing Honeycomb Taillight Panel

WHY?  Nostalgia--I'll admit it.  This mustang bears a nice resemblance to a Mach 1 Mustang that I once owned, and the old ponycar had a honeycomb panel between the two taillights.  While cruising the web looking at Mustang goodies I spotted an item by Silver Horse Racing that reminded me of that same panel and decided to give it a try.  This item is sold by other vendors, and since I wanted to order some other items from American Muscle I elected to purchase it there.  Their web site is clean and easy to navigate; I placed my order online and paid via credit card. $149 and free shipping.

SERVICE.  Excellent.  I received a confirmation immediately and an email with a tracking number the next day.  The order arrived at my door via UPS ground service exactly eight days after placing the order; that's nice service, since the item was shipped within 48 hours of order.  The panel arrived in the original factory packaging, well-packed and undamaged.  It is a nice product, not flimsy, and fit in place perfectly.

INSTALLATION.  This job could be accomplished by an owner with modest mechanical skills.  No tools are required for installation.  Working carefully and following the instructions I had the panel in place in about 10 minutes, most of which was prep time.   

RESULTS.  I wanted it to look like the rear of my old Mach 1 and it does.  Nice results, IMHO.

WORTH THE MONEY? Depends on the owner.  Since this is strictly an appearance item it's only worth the money if it looks good to you.  I believe it's a nice addition.