Mustang Modifications

After I acquire a new vehicle, it typically remains in stock condition for about 15 minutes; after all, working on your ride is a major part of the fun of ownership.  Click on the links below and you will see the additions and modifications that I have made to the Mustang to make it suit me.  For each item I will provide a review of the product as well as a complete description of the process of purchasing and installing it.

1.  Gentex Auto-dimming Mirror w/ Homelink

2.  Gibson Axle-back Exhaust

3.  Silver Horse Racing Honeycomb Taillight Panel

4.  Ford Racing Bullitt-Style Aluminum Fuel Door

5.  Steeda Air Intake

6.  SCT XCalibrator 2 Tuner/Brenspeed Tunes

7.  Ford "Bullitt" Wheels

8.  Ford Racing Axle-Back Exhaust