2012 Nissan Frontier

2012 Frontier Modifications

Nissan Splash Guards

rear splash  guard

WHY?  In the immortal words of your high school sex education teacher, "protection."  This truck is used over some pretty rough roads, and flying gravel takes its toll on the lower panels; the guards can also keep rocks from flying up into the windshield of anyone following behind me.  I opted for the OEM Nissan guards because I wanted the best fit possible, and since I didn't want to buy them at my local dealer I did my shopping online.  I found my best price at nissanpartsconnection; their brick-and-mortar store is Mossy Nissan in El Cajon, California.  Their site is clean, easy to navigate, and it is easy to place a secure order via credit card. Their price was $95.70 plus shipping--I placed the order online and paid via credit card.

SERVICE.  Fantastic.  Immediately after ordering I received a phone call from one of their sales reps informing me that I had made a mistake on the order and ordered two sets of front guards.  I corrected the order, and I really appreciated the personal touch.  Within 48 hours I received an email telling me that the package had shipped via Fedex; the package had to travel cross-country and was sent during the Christmas holiday, but the delivery time was acceptable (4 days).  The guards arrived in the original factory box, with all instructions included.  They looked to be of excellent quality, with no visible flaws.

INSTALLATION.  This job could be accomplished by most any owner and required only basic hand tools.  Working carefully, I had all four splash guards installed in 15-20 minutes; the majority of that time was spent in applying a clear protective tape strip to the rear panels.  As accessory installations go, this was a piece of cake.

RESULTS.  A trip to the ranch proved the effectiveness of the guards--when I washed the truck there was a pretty good buildup of mud and debris on them, but nary a scratch on the lower panel paint.  I like the looks of the guards and they blend well with the lines of the truck.  They are flat black, which looks good with the white paint.  Here are before and after pics:

stock rear quarter

rear splash guard

WORTH THE MONEY?  Absolutely!  Lots cheaper than a new paint job...