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Scosche PassPORT Adapter

Scosche Passport

WHY?  To correct a problem that Nissan should have corrected--plain and simple.  My truck was shipped with the optional iPod Interface; it's not something I would have ordered, but it has turned out to be a nice addition.  After reading the owner's manual I set about hooking my 2nd generation iPod Touch to the interface cable I located in the glove box.  As soon as it was connected, the iPod screen registered the dreaded yellow warning triangle and the words " Charging is not supported with this accessory."  The interface worked fine other than the lack of charging, and I liked the ability to control my iPod through the truck's audio system.  I checked the Nissan owner's manual to find the cause of the problem and it only suggested that I update the iPod's firmware; since that was already done I turned to a Google search for help.

It seems that the problem is quite common, and it's been going on for several years.  I won't bother with a technical explanation of the problem, but it seems that Apple changed the charging voltage on a number of its devices and Nissan hasn't bothered to keep up.  Another search revealed that several different vendors had produced adapters that would correct the problem; the best-known unit is the PassPort by Scosche.  An iPod in the glove box does me little good if the system can't charge it, so I decided to spend the money for an adapter.  They aren't expensive, and I did manage to locate one at a great price at Tech for Less, an online seller.  I wasn't familiar with them, but I took a chance and ordered.  the price was just $11.49 plus shipping--I paid via credit card. 

SERVICE.  EXCELLENT.  I received a confirmation email immediately after purchase.  They didn't send a tracking number, but must have filled and mailed the order immediately because I received it via USPS in just five days.  The adapter arrived undamaged, in the factory packaging.

INSTALLATION.  About as simple as it gets; simply remove the adapter from the package and plug it between the iPod and the interface cable.  Turn on the ignition and you're ready to go.

RESULTS.  BINGO!  When I first connected the iPod to the interface cable I received this warning:

no charge

After connecting the PassPORT the screen indicated that the iPod was charging:


The iPod and its interface functioned perfectly, and the unit charges the iPod correctly. 

WORTH THE MONEY? Absolutely.  Too bad Nissan doesn't provide one...