2012 Frontier

2012 Frontier Modifications

Gentex Autodimming Mirror w/Homelink


WHY?  Convenience.  My truck was shipped with the upgraded Gentex autodimming mirror with compass and temperature display; it is a nice unit, but there are two things I don't like about it:  it doesn't have the Homelink feature, and the display is blue while the other lights in the cabin are amber.  I have two control two garage door openers and a ranch gate opener, and three remotes hanging on the visor look tacky so I really need a Homelink unit.  I considered a number of options for adapting and installing one, but I have installed the Gentex mirror with Homelink in a couple of other vehicles and really like the way it works.  It seems like a minor thing, but buying the unit with an amber display makes the interior lighting more uniform.  I hated to waste the perfectly good Gentex mirror that came in the truck, but I was able to sell it quickly on eBay to recoup part of my cost.  There are many vendors that sell this mirror, so I ventured online to shop around  I located a Gentex 50-GENK51A mirror with amber display at a reputable eBay seller named wembleysells.  He had a perfect feedback rating and good reviews, so I bought the unit for $289.95 and free shipping.

SERVICE.  EXCELLENT.  I received a confirmation email immediately after purchase and a notification of shipping and a tracking number the same day!  The unit arrived via Priority Mail within 2 business days.  That, in my opinion, is excellent service!  It arrived in the factory box, with all parts and documentation enclosed.

INSTALLATION.  This job could be accomplished by most any owner, but does require a #T20 torx driver that might not be in everyone's tool box.  The installation took me about 45 minutes, but I have installed a number of these mirrors in other vehicles and am very familiar with them. I installed the same unit in my 2005 Frontier, so I won't repeat the procedure here.  If you'd like a write-up on how I installed it in that truck, click here.

RESULTS.  Absolutely love it.  Now I have an auto-dimming mirror with compass, temperature display and Homelink.  No more remotes hanging on the mirror!  Best of all, the display matches my interior lighting perfectly. 

WORTH THE MONEY? Absolutely.  To get this same setup from the factory I would have had to buy an expensive equipment package that I didn't need.