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WeatherTech Digitalfit Floor Mats


WHY?  Experience.  It might seem strange to post a review of floor mats, but I believe that these are some of the best on the market and I wanted to share my experience with other owners.  Working on a ranch can be messy business, and my boots are usually covered with water, mud, and the leavings of various farm animals--they can really make a mess of my truck.  Even the heaviest of mats won't protect the interior of your truck if they are flat, so I like a set of mats with a lip on the edge to catch and hold debris.  I had a set of WeatherTech Digitalfit mats on my old Silverado and loved them, so I decided to outfit the little Frontier with a similar set.  I shopped online and found the best deal at one of my favorite sellers--Amazon.  I only need a set of mats for the front of the truck, so I ordered WeatherTech part #441-741; the site was clean, well organized, and ordering was easy.  Their price was $118 (free shipping), which I paid via credit card.

SERVICE.  Just so-so.  I received a confirmation email immediately after purchase but didn't receive a notification of shipping and a tracking number until eight days later--that's really slow by Amazon standards.  Apparently they were out of stock when I ordered.  Shipping took longer than normal because of the Christmas holiday, but was acceptable; the shipment arrived on the Big Brown Truck thirteen days after the order was placed.  It arrived in the original factory box and was undamaged.

INSTALLATION.  If you can't install this item you shouldn't be driving...

RESULTS.  Really nice.  I've owned a couple of sets of WeatherTech mats in other vehicles, and they fit perfectly; these were no exception.  Rugged, heavy plastic with an attractive finish and a lip to hold debris on the mat and away from the carpet.  These mats are both attractive and functional.


WORTH THE MONEY? I believe so.  These aren't the cheapest mats on the market, but they look good and offer great protection for the interior of your truck.