2012 Frontier

2012 Frontier Modifications

Nissan Sliding Bed Extender


WHY?  The bed on this little truck is just a shade over 5 feet long, and many times I have to haul cargo that is longer; an extender is a nice option for grabbing a little more room.  Since this SV model comes with the UtiliTrack cargo system, I elected to go with the OEM sliding extender that fits in the side rails.  I had the sliding extender in my 2005 Frontier and really loved its utility, so I really wanted one in the new truck.  As soon as I got the new ride in the garage I went shopping online; my local dealer IS NOT the place to go to buy accessories.  I located an extender at an eBay seller called partsfornissans; they have good prices and a solid reputation.  Their price was $153, with free shipping.  I paid via Paypal.

SERVICE.  EXCELLENT.  I received a confirmation email immediately after purchase and a notification of shipping and a tracking number within 2 days.  Shipping took longer than normal because of the Christmas holiday, but was acceptable.  The unit arrived disassembled, with all parts in the box.  The installations must be downloaded from the Nissan website; you can find them here. The rails are powdercoated in a black color and matched the bed of my particular truck very nicely.

INSTALLATION.  This job could be accomplished by most any owner, but does require a #20 torx driver that might not be in everyone's tool box.  Working carefully, I had the extender and in place in about 20 minutes--not a difficult installation at all.

RESULTS.  Pretty good.  Once the extender is set up and properly installed it moves easily in the side tracks and can be set up for use in a number of different positions; when not in use it folds up out of the way against the front wall of the truck bed.  I can set it in place and clamp it securely in just a matter of seconds.  A nice feature is the addition of two straps (see pic below) that secure the unit against the tailgate.  They snap into the tailgate latches and can be released by pulling on the tailgate release--a nice touch.  My only reservation about the extender is that it can be removed by hand, making it vulnerable to thieves.  Overall, I give Nissan high marks for a bed extender that integrates well with the UtiliTrack system and functions well as designed.

extender closed


WORTH THE MONEY? I believe so.  It is a little pricey, but it is a well-made piece and works well with the rest of the truck.