Dyno Day 1--K&N Filter Test

After a couple of pulls to set a baseline we let the engine cool for a while as we discussed the findings; I took the opportunity to remove the stock air filter and drop in a K&N performance filter.  The manufacturer claims that this filter would increase horsepower and acceleration, so I wanted to see if the claims held up under testing.


The two runs with the K&N filter were almost identical, so I believe that they were as accurate as we would get.  When compared with the stock runs they showed almost no difference in either horsepower or torque.  As you can see from looking at the graphs below, the readings were incredibly similar; any differences were so small that they would be statistically insignificant.  Peak horsepower stock=221.52, K&N=221.61.  Peak torque stock=230.10, K&N=228.90.