Dyno Day 4

It took a while for the aftermarket to catch up with the new Frontier, but new items are appearing every week.  aFe has produced one of their Magnum Force Stage 2 intakes for the 2005 and they claim gains of 11 horsepower and 15 ft-lbs torque; I installed one and took it to the dyno to see what difference it made


I used the same operator at the same dyno (see more info here) that I have used for all my other tests.  The dyno computer will correct for weather conditions, but I always test at the same time of day and try to keep the weather conditions as consistent as possible.  I watched with interest as we strapped the truck to the dyno and hit the gas... 


You can see the results on the graphs below.  The new intake added a peak power gain of 8.2 rear wheel horsepower to the Gibson-exhaust equipped truck.  It delivered the power impressively, too, coming on strong at 4500 rpm and pulling all the way to the speed limiter.  The exhaust/intake combination yielded an advantage of almost 14 rear-wheel horses over the stock setup.  I was interested to note that the intake didn't add any peak torque, but it did give very nice torque gains of 7-8 ft/lbs all the way from 4500 RPM to shutdown.  Given estimated driveline losses of about 20% for an automatic transmission, that yields 294 horsepower and 295 ft/lbs torque at the crankshaft--not too shabby for a "small" truck on 87-octane gas!